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Why buy when you can rent?

Rent a designer bag from over 2,000+ in our collection at only HK$899 per month.

Our waitlist ensures a wide variety of bags for every member that joins us, you can expect a membership invite within 5 days!






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1. Select a designer bag.

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2. Get it delivered to your doorstep.

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3. Schedule a return at your convenience.

Price & Benefits


Icon Bag Renting


1 designer bag every month

  • 100% authenticity guaranteed, no fakes allowed
  • Save closet space but have access to 1,700+ designer bags
  • Free delivery & returns
  • New arrivals weekly
  • Exclusive access to our community events

Style Theory Care covers damages
for only an extra HK$99/month.


Icon Bag Buying


for one bag

  • Have to commit to one bag only
  • Paying extra for closet space
  • Bag may quickly go out of style
  • Not sustainable for the wallet
  • Repairs may cost you a leg (or two)


Always Something New

Always Something New

Explore the full range of luxury styles without limits.

Rent With Confidence

Rent With Confidence

All our bags are expertly cleaned and professionally maintained.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Authenticity Guaranteed

100% authenticated by in-house experts. No counterfeits.

Smart Wardrobe

Smart Wardrobe

Go clutter-free and save precious wardrobe space.

Peek Into Our Collection


Our team works with state-of-the-art technology to identify counterfeits and evaluate the quality and condition of products that come through our doors.

Every designer bag is responsibly sourced, fully authenticated and inspected, and Style Theory-approved before it leaves our facility to arrive securely at your door.

Introducing Style Theory Care: Get covered from repair costs for minor mishaps and fair wear and tear when you rent.
Add HK$99 per month.

Rent from 2,000+ designer bags sourced from top international brands.

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“Enjoying the wide variety of bags for any occasion, withoutbreaking the bank!”

“I get to experiment with unique styles without the commitment of buying"

“Outfit mix and matching just got a whole lot more fun with infinite access to luxury designer bags!”

“I love that I get to try bags I’ve been eyeing but just can’t bear to buy!”

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  • Why should you rent a designer bag? Is it worth to rent when I can buy branded bags?

    The benefits of renting a designer bag is that you get access to a wide variety of styles and can change your bag whenever you want. You can explore the latest trends without committing to one bag. It is also much more sustainable for both your wallet and the environment. It's good to buy a branded designer bag if it's a classic model and the colour does not go out of style after the season is over, think of it as an investment piece. Otherwise for fashion pieces, it's definitely more worth it and sustainable for the wallet to rent! Download our app and browse around before deciding to rent!

  • What makes this membership unique?

    We are Southeast Asia's largest designer bag rental platform with over 2,000 designer bags in our collection. This membership is the first of its kind in Hong Kong and allows our customers to gain access to a broad selection of designer bags all at their convenience. With just a few clicks on the Style Theory app, the bag will be delivered to your doorstep and returns are similarly picked up from your doorstep at your convenience.

  • How does this bag membership work?

    The Style Theory Bags membership is a monthly plan that allows you to rent from a wide collection of designer bags. By paying a fixed price of HK$899 per month, you can rent up to one bag a month. To receive extra bag swaps per month, you can choose to purchase by HK$420/ bag swap by chatting in with us. (Surcharge may apply for Premium Bags, read more in the Premium Bag section.) You may rent the same bag for a maximum of 2 months.

  • What happens if the bag gets lost or damaged?

    Do not worry! Bags are actually not that easy to damage with reasonable care and treating it like your own. For repairable damages (light scratches, pen marks, worn corners etc), we will charge you only for the cost of the repair so you don't have to worry about having to pay thousands of dollars. Repairs typically cost up to HK$1800. If you choose to opt in for Style Theory Care at an additional HK$99/month, your repair fees will be capped at a maximum of HK$450 and we'll take care of the rest! Do note that irreparable damages and loss of bag arising from theft or misplacement is not covered. In the unlikely event that a bag cannot be repaired, we will have to charge for the full valuation of the bag. Please check in with our Customer Experience team via the in-app chat for more information.

  • Can I buy bags from Style Theory?

    Yes, you can! If the bag you are currently renting is marked as "available for sale", you may purchase it directly from the app! All sales are final.

  • What are the best designer bags for work in your collection?

    When looking for a designer bag for work, we would recommend the Celine Trapeze Medium, the Louis Vuitton Epi Twist Tote, the Givenchy Small Antigona, or the Saint Laurent Small Cabas Chyc Tote. You can rent all of these and more on our app!

  • What are some best affordable handbags 2020?

    We believe that the most affordable and sustainable way of accessing designer bags is via a rental membership rather than purchasing. Not only do you get access at a fraction of the price, you don't have to deal with storage or maintenance. But if you do decide to purchase, consider buying preloved!  Some of the trendiest and most affordable designer bags in 2020 include the Gucci GG Marmont Medium Matelasse Shoulder Bag, the Saint Laurent Monogram Small Kate with Tassel, and the Celine Nano Belt Bag. Check them out on our app!

  • Which designer handbags in your collection can fit laptops?

    Here are some of the designer handbags in our collection that fit laptops. You can find many more on our app!

    • Celine Mini Luggage 
    • Goyard Chevron Saint Louis PM Tote 
    • Louis Vuitton Neverfull

  • Which designer bags do our members love?

    Some of the most popular bags on our platform include:

    • Louis Vuitton Monogram Jungle Dots Palm Springs Backpack PM 
    • Loewe Medium Puzzle Bag 
    • Celine Micro Belt Bag 
    • Dior My Lady Dior 
    • Chanel Quilted Caviar Jumbo Classic Single Flap Bag
    Want to see more? Download our app to explore over 2,000 designer styles.

  • How do you take care of the designer bags in your collection?

    We inspect our designer bags for its quality of condition and vacuums and cleans every bag before it goes out for delivery and when it is returned to us. To clean the bag, we use universal cleaning agents that do not cause damage to the surfaces but are effective in disinfecting the bag. After the cleaning process, a balm treatment will be applied to ensure the leather is moisturised. A metal polish is then used for designer bags with hardwares to keep it shiny. We ensure that a reapplication of protection cream is done every three months, which helps protect the bag from rain and humidity.When the bag is not in use, it is kept in a dust bag to prevent accidental scratches or dirt from entering, and stored in a 24-hour air-conditioned warehouse, with low light settings and a dry environment. They are kept at an optimal humidity level to prevent mildew or cracking of leather bags.

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