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About Backpacks

The earliest backpack dates to 3300 BC, found with Otzi the Iceman in the Alps in 1991. This version had a wooden frame with a hide bag attached to it with strings and used to carry firewood in the Alps. The backpack was known as a knapsack in 1603. Later, the word rucksack was in use by the end of the 19th-century. Colonel Henry C Merriam designed a backpack for the infantry in 1894, the prototype of small, frameless backpacks popular today. Ole F Bergans patented a canvas rucksack with a curved metal frame that successfully shifted weight borne from the shoulders to the hips in 1909. Gerry Cunningham designed the first zippered backpack in 1938, and later, Dick Kelty made an aluminium framed backpack in 1952. These versions of the backpack are the basis of modern backpack design today.  

Initially used for military purposes only, the beginning of the 20th-century saw people use the backpack for leisure activities like hiking. Students began using the internal frame backpacks and small nylon backpacks to carry books instead of bags with straps in 1967. The Backpacks quickly gained popularity and became a way for students to express their identity and affiliation. 

The backpack is available in several types, from designer backpacks to specialized professional equipment made with new eco-friendly materials and technology. Express your style with the latest designer backpacks available with Style Theory today.

Backpack size, dimensions, and their uses.

Type of backpackCapacityIdeal For
Mini and Small backpacks6 -10 litresDay picnics, school, books, and sports.
Day packs10 - 30 litresDay hikes, carrying essentials, and commuting.
Medium/Overnight backpacks30 - 50 litresMulti-day trips, camping, hiking and other adventure activities.
Large backpacks50 - 70 litresCamping, carrying camping gear, vacations, walking and hiking.
Larger backpacks70 - 80 litresAdventure activities, high-altitude climbing and more.

Rent Designer Backpacks For Women

Are you looking for a backpack that’s not only functional but also chic and stylish? Have you considered investing in designer backpacks? Style Theory offers a wide selection of leather backpacks for women, from Chanel Prada to Gucci . Whether you are looking for a mini backpack, convertible purse-backpacks or travel backpacks, Style Theory has something for you. Download our app now to explore our range of designer backpacks to create the perfect look.

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Chanel Backpacks: Created with the idea to offer freedom of movement, Chanel Backpacks are elegant, detailed and trendy. Each leather backpack is luxurious, light and has enough space to carry all your personal belongings. These Chanel backpacks have all the signs of the fashion house, from its choice of material, meticulous finish, the iconic quilting to the adjustable chain straps, metal clasps and brand initials. Download the app and explore Chanel Backpacks.

Louis Vuitton Backpacks: Louis Vuitton has taken your school mainstay and turned it into a fashion must-have with their Louis Vuitton Backpacks. Whether it is the iconic Montsouris PM, the Palm Springs Mini, Hot Springs backpack or the Lockme Backpack, each bag offers a fresh take on the functional backpack making it the chic fashion accessory. The iconic LV monogram, gold and black-toned hardware, quilted straps and adjustable straps make the LV backpack trendy. Download the app and explore Louis Vuitton Backpacks.

Prada Backpacks: Miuccia Prada introduced Prada backpacks in 1979. They were the ultimate blend of functionality and style, made of Pocone, a waterproof nylon fabric that was just like Miuccia’s grandfather’s steamer trunk fabric cover. Prada uses Saffiano leather and Re-nylon, a sustainable waterproof industrial fabric to make these hallmark Prada backpacks. The enamelled metal triangle logo re-interpreted each season to complement each modern design makes for a charming decoration on the bag. Download the app and explore Prada Backpacks.

Chloe Backpacks: Are you looking for , feminine, practical, and stylish backpacks?  Then Chloe backpacks are what you need. A Chloe backpack is a work of art crafted with care, making it the perfect accessory complementing your look. Roomy compartments, zip closures and the Chloe logo are trademarks of these backpacks. Download the app and explore Chloe Backpacks.


  • What is the standard size of a backpack?

    The standard size of a backpack is about 17 inches or 10 litres capacity approximately.

  • What is the most popular brand of backpacks for women in 2021?

  • Are backpacks in fashion?

    Backpacks are in fashion today. They make for an ideal choice when it comes to carrying your belongings with style.