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Chanel Bag History

Gabrielle “Çoco” Chanel founded the Chanel Modes in 1910, transforming fashion in France, creating eternal designs that redefined femininity. Chanel Modes was a hat boutique that grew to become a global luxury brand. The signature interlocking Cs, the LBD (Little Black Dress), the tweed suit and the Chanel 2.55 flap bag are products that have made Chanel a sought-after premium brand. 

The late Karl Lagerfeld was the Creative Director of Chanel for 30 years and Virginie Viard his right-hand woman. Today, she helps Chanel create a new era for the brand while staying true to Lagerfeld's vision upon his passing. She is also the first woman to lead the luxury house since Coco Chanel. Belt bags and mini bags are all the rage, including the recent colourful reiterations of Chanel's signature styles. 

Viard continues to reinvent Chanel classic bags with new elements like a mini hoop handle on the classic quilt bag. The Classic Flap Bags, Boy bag and Gabrielle are some of the best additions to a lineup that adds a bag every season.

Have you always wanted to carry a Chanel Bag but found them too expensive? We have the perfect solution for you!. Access Chanel bags from Style Theory - Check out the classic quilted-flap Chanel bags with the signature CC logo and chain strap, Chanel tote bag, handbags, Chanel bucket bag, boy bags, cross-body, mini bags and more.

Chanel Boy: This beautiful and sleek rectangular-shaped Chanel Boy is a fantastic accessory to own or rent. This iconic design is a Karl Lagerfeld special, named after Gabrielle Chanel’s first love Boy Chapel. With its gourmette chain and double C locking system, this is a style that will sure make heads turn.

Chanel Classic Flap: This Classic Flap handbag from the House of Chanel is Karl Largerfeld’s re-interpretation of their iconic 2.55 handbag. Introduced in 1983, this small bag with its iconic gold and silver coloured metal chain interwoven with leather and signature double C lock is the perfect accessory to your stylish ensemble. The internal leather flap with a stitched double C on the inside and its quilted leather ensure the Classic Flap bag is a piece that will not go out of style.

Chanel Gabrielle: This light-bodied bag over a sturdy base is the perfect every day bag. With its distinct structure, a fancy double metal chain in gold and silver with a ruthenium hue, and signature diamond-shaped stitching, this Karl Lagerfeld creation reflects the brand styles and design the founder is known for globally.

Chanel 2.55: This Gabrielle Chanel creation is the iconic quilted rectangular-shaped bag that has been popular since its introduction in February 1955. Most Chanel fans find this bag a must-have, with its classic signature flat metal link chain and mademoiselle turn-lock that ensures the purity of line continues whether it is open or closed. The hot pink, classic beige and black are hot favourites.

How to Authenticate Chanel Bags

Exterior Material - Chanel

Monogram and Seamless Stitching (Exterior Material)

Ensure the quilting on Chanel bags is continuous. Make sure the leather of the flap and the outside match when closed. Don’t forget to also check that the seams match between the pocket on the back and the exterior. 

Exterior Hardware - Chanel

Signature Studs, Zippers and Clasps (Exterior Hardware)

The original Chanel Flap bag designed by Coco Chanel has a rectangular turn-lock while the Classic flap bag has the signature interlocking CC hardware. For the CC locks, check to ensure the right-side C passes over the left on top and the left-side C passes over the right below. Ensure the lock is attached with flathead screws, and the word Chanel is on the left and Paris is on the right on the back.

Interior Lining - Chanel

Leather Tag and Serial Number (Lining Inside)

Make sure the brand name Chanel is printed in foil like the colour of the hardware. The name must be in the centre with even spacing between the letters. The number on the hologram tag inside is the same as the one on the authenticity card.

Chanel Bags Material

Leather UsedAbout LeatherHow to Care
Caviar LeatherCaviar leather is coarse leather made from grained calfskin. Such leather is sturdy, and scratch-resistant making it great for everyday use.Do not expose the bag for extended periods to daylight, artificial light, and moisture. Keep in a dust bag when you do not use it.
Lambskin LeatherLambskin is soft and smooth, giving the bags a luxurious sheen. The leather is treated as little as possible to retain its natural elasticity. But lambskin is prone to scratching and often needs extra care.Rub with a soft dry cloth in a circular motion to reduce the appearance of scratch marks on lambskin leather. Keep in a dust bag after use.
Crinkled CalfskinThe Reissue bags use crinkled leather. The leather has a vintage aged look, and it does not show stains and scratches easily.Do not expose the bag to the sun, artificial light, and dampness. Place in a dust bag to store.
Patent LeatherOne of the unusual materials Chanel uses, Patent leather, stands out from the crowd with its shiny look. Patent leather needs more care as it is prone to colour transfer and permanent staining. Keep in a dust bag when you do not use it.

Chanel Bags Price In Hong Kong

Rent what you like, buy what you love, all with Style Theory! See the estimated market prices versus our resale prices of Chanel bags below.


  • How much does a Chanel bag cost?

    The cost of a Chanel bag varies depending on model, it can vary based on the size as well. Chanel bags typically cost in the thousands in Hongkong.

  • Is Chanel more expensive than Louis Vuitton?

    The prices vary depending on model, but generally yes, they are! The brand history and craftsmanship are quite different if you compare the two.

  • Why are Chanel bags so expensive?

    The craftsmanship and quality of the product is one reason why Chanel bags often come with a premium price tag. Not to mention, the demand for Chanel bags are different in different parts of the world - especially in Asia!

  • Where can I buy Chanel handbags?

    You can purchase directly from the Chanel boutiques or through reputable second-hand retailers such as Style Theory!

  • Are Chanel bags worth it?

    Chanel bags are considered to be classics and often seen as an investment! Even if you don't end up wearing it as often, the bag could appreciate over a period of years!

  • What is the most popular Chanel bag?