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About Dior

Christian Dior first opened doors on Avenue Montaigne in Paris in 1946. Theboutique was the culmination of his experience with other designers and his take on fashion for women. Christian Dior’s designs were imaginative, innovative, and daring enough to put Paris back on the fashion forefront after World War II. 

The brand Dior is synonymous with French-style chic fashion and is popular among men and women globally. From designing daring clothes to jewellery, shoes, handbags, and leather goods, Dior tops the list of must-haves for most. 

Dior’s Designer Handbags

Dior Bags are unique, and leave an impression in the fashion circles. Dior’s most iconic handbag was the Lady Dior. France's First Lady gifted the Dior bag to Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1995. She quickly adopted the style, never leaving her home without it, prompting the designers to rechristen the bag - Lady Dior. Over the years, the Lady Dior has been adapted to suit different fashion trends but is still known for its timelessness and is still very much coveted today. The quilted leather and flawless finish are hallmarks of Dior handbags. A few years later, John Galliano’s new Saddle Bag design similarly obtained legendary status like the vintage Lady Dior design. Dior has an impressive line-up of bags from the Dior tote bag, Lady Dior, Saddle Bag, Dior Book Tote, to Dior backpacks.

How to Authenticate Dior Bags

Monogram & Stitching (Exterior material)

Monogram and Stitching (Exterior material)

Dior handbags have a flawless finish, created using high-quality materials. Even original preloved Dior Bags do not sag, while a fake has a poor structure and will sag. Dior stitching on bags is unique and seamless, andthe threads match the colour of the lining or the leather. The stitches are even and follow a pattern like the quilting on Lady Dior bags. If you find a bag with uneven stitching, different coloured threads, or deeply embossed stitching on shiny leather, it most definitely is a fake. Ensure the logo is clear, centred on the tag and each letter is clear and embossed in gold, silver or no colour.

Studs, Zippers, Fasteners and Handles

Studs, Zippers, Fasteners and Handles (Exterior Hardware)

The handles on Dior Bags, especially the Lady Dior, are rigid and sturdy with evenly spaced stitches. They do not fall on their sides. The charms attached to the bags usually spell D-I-O-R or C-D. These charms should not flip and face the opposite direction. A pivot loop attaches the DIOR charms to the bag. The charm letters should be thick and sturdy and not shiny or glossy like fake Dior Bags. Most bags have a signature Dior zipper pulls like the ornamental oval pull with the letters (CD) embossed on it or leather tags with fashion house name stamped on both sides. 

Serial Numbers

Leather Tags and Serial Numbers:

Each Dior handbag has a leather tag inside the purse. Each is rectangular with rounded corners and even stitching around it. The Book Tote’s leather tag has no stitching around it. If you see a tag with straight corners, it is a fake Dior bag. Look for the heat stamp with the words Christian Dior and Paris in capital letters below the name and MADE IN SPAIN/ MADE IN ITALY below it. The brand should be in the centre. The letters must be legible, easy to read, with no colour bleed. The letters are colourless for stamped and gold or silver for embossed tags.

Date Code

Date Code and Authenticity Card:

Check for the date code on the back of the leather tag. The code has a combination of two digits, two letters, and four digits separated by dashes. E.g.  02-MA-0151. Each Dior Bag comes with an authenticity card that looks like a credit card made of paper-like material. It is grey and comes in an envelope with a care booklet written in English, Chinese and French. Christian Dior is on the front of the certificate with unique information about the bag with a large rectangle on the right bottom for the stamp and two smaller rectangles on the left for the date and any other reference.

Dior Bags Material

Leather UsedAbout LeatherHow to Care
LambskinThis leather is soft, smooth, and sturdy, holding its shape well. However, the leather scratches and scuffs easily. Handle with care. Do not overexpose the bag to daylight, artificial light, and humidity. Store in a dust bag when not in use.
Patent Patent leather is durable, and it has a high-gloss finish. It tends to hold its shape but is prone to staining and colour transfer. Refurbishing patent leather is impossible. Avoid contact with damp surfaces or places that may stain the leather. If you find colour on the bag, wipe it off immediately. Keep in a dust bag.
SmoothSmooth leather is soft, buttery, and eye-catching but is prone to scuffing and scratching. Using a leather conditioner may help you maintain smooth leather. Keep it dry and store it in a dust bag after use.
Grained This leather has a unique texture and is extremely popular among Dior bags. Grained leather is durable and resistant to scratches or scuffs. Avoid overexposure to daylight, artificial light, and humidity. Store in a dust bag when not in use.
DeerskinDeerskin is a beautiful, luxurious, and textured leather. It is soft yet sturdy enough not to sag. The deerskin Dior bag will hold its structure despite frequent use. Avoid exposure to sunlight, artificial light, and damp surfaces. Wipe with a dry cloth before storing it in a dust bag.
Patent CalfskinThis leather is stunning, glossy, and shimmers like glass. It does not scuff or lose its shine keeping its shape even after heavy use. But it is prone to colour transfer. Wipe the leather bag with a damp towel to clean it. Store in a dust bag.
Grained CalfskinThis leather is sought-after, sturdy, and textured, which adds dimension to the bag. It is resistant to scratches, damages, or losing its shape. Avoid exposing the bag to artificial light, sunlight, and dampness for extended periods. Store in a dust bag.
Bull calf Bull calf leather is sturdier than other leathers and can withstand elements with ease, including rain to some extent. It adds structure, polish, and finesse to the bag. This leather is available in a range of colours. Use a dry cloth to wipe it in a circular motion till the bag is clean. Store when not in use.
Metallic CalfskinThis leather is shiny, glossy, and hardy. It does not sag, lose shape or stain. Just wipe with a dry cloth to clean the bag, and you are good to go.
Canvas Perfect for everyday bags, this leather is beautiful and delicate but easy to clean. Canvas makes this leather long-lasting and resilient. To prevent fading do not expose to direct sunlight. Stuff your bag when not in use to avoid slouching and scuffing.
Ostrich This leather is unique, luxurious, and classic. Bags with ostrich leather can withstand anything and still stay supple. Wipe it down at regular intervals to maintain the bag.
Crocodile This leather is exquisite, with a high sheen and durable. It can bend easily but is prone to stains and colour transfer. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and water. Wipe immediately with a damp colourless cloth to remove stains.
Python This leather is stunning and delicate to require careful handling. It has a texture that makes for a sensational pattern making it trendy. It tends to lift after extended use. Handle the bag with care. Wipe it with a dry cloth before you store it in a dust bag.
LizardThis exotic leather has texture, looks stylish and modern. However, it is fragile, prone to scratching and lifting and not meant for regular use. Handle it like glass. Store it in a dust bag and use it for special occasions.
Alligator Alligator leather is exquisite, and the scales have unique patterns, sizes, and shapes. However, this leather is delicate and prone to damage. Handle with care and moisturize the bag often to avoid lifting.
AyersThe snakeskin leather has a captivating design with enough facets to offer a fabulous finish. This leather tends to dry and scuff easily, flaking after a few months of use. Handle carefully. Treat the leather to avoid fading and flaking.

Dior Bags Price In Hong Kong

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  • How much does a Lady Dior bag cost in Hong Kong?

    The medium Lady Dior Bag with Cannage retails at HK$41,000.

  • Why is it called Lady Dior?

    Christian Dior named its iconic classic bag Lady Dior to honour Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. 

  • How old is the Dior Saddle Bag?

    The Dior Saddle Bag was designed in 1999 and introduced in the year 2000.

  • Do vintage Dior bags have serial numbers?

    Yes, vintage Dior Bags have serial numbers. Each serial number has letters, digits, and dashes.

  • How much does a Christian Dior Book Tote bag cost?

    The Christian Dior Book Tote retails at $3250.