How does Style Theory work?

The Style Theory Membership is a monthly plan that allows you to rent from a wide collection of designer clothes. You'll browse through our infinite wardrobe and pick the 3 available items that you would like shipped to you. Clothes will come in a "ready to wear" fully pressed and cleaned condition. Your subscription covers rental, shipping and dry cleaning!

Where is the Style Theory service available?

We are currently available in Singapore, Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya but will also be expanding to other fashion capitals soon! Let us know if you want Style Theory to come to your city!

What types of items are available to rent?

We will be carrying designer garments initially, so this means tops, bottoms, dresses and outer wears. They range from work-wear, day wear, and casual wear to date nights or a girly brunch date!

Do you carry my sizes?

You can download the app to browse our growing wardrobe that ranges from XS to L. We understand it can be frustrating not knowing if an item will fit, that's why we collate reviews from our users to help you decide the best fit for your body. We have also developed a Size Recommendation feature to pick out the most suitable size for each style for you.

What happens if the piece I want is not available?

We aim to ensure that anything you wish for will be available but in the unfortunate scenario that it is not, please put them on your wishlist to monitor their availability. Furthermore, our stylists are working with multiple designers to ensure that you will always have more than plenty to desire for!

What happens to my boxes if I do not use them?

You will be able to roll over unused boxes for up to 6 months. There is a maximum of 10 boxes (apparel) or 5 boxes (bags) that you may roll over at any point in time.

What happens if I run out of boxes?

You may purchase additional boxes via in-app chat, alternatively you may consider upgrading your plan (more value for money!).

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes you may pause your subscription. When you pause your subscription you will not be billed for the subscription from your next billing date onward. All unused boxes will roll over into the following month for up to 6 months and a maximum of 5 boxes can be rolled over at any time. Do note that the number of days that you can pause for will be calculated based on the length of your subscription.

Can I upgrade my subscription at a later stage?

Yes you may! You may upgrade your plan at any point in time via the app (“Subscription Details”). You will be billed for the difference between your current plan and your desired plan and the extra boxes will be added to you immediately.

Can I downgrade my subscription at a later stage?

Yes - all downgrades will take place at the next billing date onwards and your unused boxes will remain available to you even after the downgrade.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Nope! Shipping is FREE for both deliveries and returns.

Do I have to pay for laundry or do it myself?

Who likes laundry? Leave that to us! We handle the dry cleaning and laundry for all Style Theory items, so just place your used garments into the pre-paid return bag provided once you are ready to return them. Every Style Theory piece is professionally dry cleaned and maintained by experts at Beyond, the best dry cleaner in Jakarta.

How do I exchange the items for something new?

Whenever you are ready to get something new, place all 3 items back in the box before sealing it in the pre-paid return bag provided. You can then schedule a pickup through your mobile app. Once we receive your return, you will be prompted to choose your next 3 items!

Can I purchase any items?

Yes! Now, you can buy our preloved items directly from Style Theory app. You can browse our preloved items in an easier way by simply opening your Style Theory App > Browse > Shop. Enjoy!

What happens if I damage or lose an item?

We understand that some wear and tear might be unavoidable. That's why we have a team of seamstresses and spotters on duty to handle minor stains and damages. However, for significant damage, lost items and theft, we will have to charge the retail price of the items.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We'd hate to see you leave, however you may cancel your subscription by sending an official request through your apps. Kindly send a request the latest by ONE week before your next billing date, otherwise termination will not be processed and you will need to send in a termination request on the next billing. We highly encourage you to ensure that all the box has been returned, so that termination can be completely proceeded.

While we are sad to see you leave, here's how to unsubscribe from your prepaid subscription:

Step 1: Check your next billing date to plan your return
Log into Style Theory app > Profile > Subscription Details

Step 2: Request to cancel via the app ONE week in advance by opening Profile > Subscription Details > Manage > Request to cancel your subscription. The respective team will be in touch shortly.

Step 3: Return all your pieces and box back to us before your next billing date
Since the subscription is prepaid, you can still use your subscription and return or drop off your box at least two (2) working days (excluding Sun & PH) before your billing renews.

Things to take note:
- All termination requests are subjected to processing time between 10am - 5pm on Mondays to Fridays excluding Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays, and weekends.
- Terminations requests after 4 PM will be attended on the next working day and our customer service agent will contact you during our operational time.
- Kindly note that to be eligible for terminations on your desired billing date, you should not be holding onto any boxes, on pause or have any outstanding payments.
- A confirmation message will be sent out to you upon successful termination ONE day before your next billing renews.
- Standard terms and conditions apply.

What is the difference between LITE and PREMIUM?

Our Lite collection offers you an essential clothes for daily wear and carries a lot of local brands, while our Premium collection carries exclusive designers clothes for every occasions! If you are subscribing to our Premium subscription, you will also get an access to our Lite collection. 😉

Here are the plans that we provide:
- Lite/Premium Starter, where you can rent 1 box during your one month subscription period.
- Lite/Premium Capsule, where you can rent 2 boxes during your one month subscription period.
- Lite/Premium Essentials, where you can rent 3 boxes during your one month subscription period.

What is The Luxe Collection?

The Luxe collection is a limited selection of Apparel that require a top-up fee. The top-up is chargeable after delivery is scheduled and will allow you to rent the apparel for up to 30 days. The charge will apply for every 30-day period until the apparel is returned. Our team will contact you prior to each charge for your confirmation.

What is the difference between On-demand Rental and Luxe Collection?

Style Theory On Demand is a rental service that let you rent one item at a time from hundreds of designer pieces with an affordable rental fee which allows you to rent the time by 4, 8, and 14 days. While luxe collections are a limited selection of Apparel that require a top-up fee which only is provided for Subscribers. The Subscribers can hold this item as long as the box is set to be returned by Subscribers.

How long can I rent the luxe collection for?

The Luxe Collection is a limited selection of Apparel that require a top-up fee on top of the monthly subscription charge. The top-up is chargeable after delivery is scheduled and will allow you to rent the apparel for up to 30 days. The charge will apply for every 30-day period until the apparel is returned. Our team will contact you prior to each charge for your confirmation.

Does renting an luxe collection mean that I am able to get 4 pieces in a box instead of 3?

No, you will still receive three items in total with one of the items being your Luxe Collection.

What if the size of luxe collection that I order does not fit me? Can I change it?

Yes, you can exchange the size for one time by contacting our Customer Support and we will arrange the swap for you

What if I would like to cancel my luxe collection order and instead requesting the regular items to be sent?

We will try our best to assist with cancellations but it may or may not be possible depending on whether the order has been processed. Please reach out to our CX agent as soon as you would like to cancel.

Does my subscription renew each month?

Yes, your subscription automatically renews each month according to the plan you had chosen upon starting your subscription.

What condition are the items in?

Our luxury laundry partner, Beyond, uses an extensive cleaning process that combines ~20 years of experience in fabric care with advanced dry cleaning equipment. We professionally maintain and inspect all of our items so they arrive in like-new condition.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit and debit cards payments that will be billed monthly. We also accept bank transfer through virtual account. However, we require a refundable deposit or upfront payment for any bank transfer methods. This deposit acts as a security pledge of contract and may not be refunded in case of any violations of our Terms & Conditions.

Can I rent without commiting to monthly subscription?

Yes, we now provide access for you to rent per piece without any subscription, through Style Theory On Demand, our one time rental service. You can access the service here