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Wear everything
without buying.

Imagine a world where you can wear everything without buying one. Turn renting into a lifestyle with an infinite wardrobe from us.

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IDR 990.000/month IDR 590.000*

*for your first month

Rent unlimited items • 3 pieces at a time • One flat monthly fee

  • Rent unlimited items
  • 3 pieces at a time
  • One flat monthly fee
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Do you ever feel like this?

“I have nothing to wear!”

Feeling stuck with your current wardrobe? Renting gives you the liberty to wear different clothes all the time!

“I want to explore different fashion styles.”

Can't decide on your go-to personal style? Renting gives you the option to explore items that you wouldn't commit to try them on.

“I want to spend less and wear more.”

Experience fashion freedom where you can have more options to wear, yet spend less through renting.

“I want to wear my dream designer clothes.”

No matter what your budget is, your dream designer clothes are now as accessible as ever.

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Laurent Kurniawan


“Renting expands my choices of fashion items and most importantly I can spend my fashion budget wisely.”

Dara Setyohadi


“No more worries for dressing up properly for special occasion.”

Radhini Aprilya


“Glad that I don't have to worry about my ever-changing size anymore because of renting. Definitely a #wardrobesaviour”

Nadia Rachel


“Statement piece is not what I have in mind while shopping, but thanks to Style Theory I get to wear one-of-a-kind outfits for daily wear”

Your Infinite Wardrobe, one click away

Rent, wear and repeat with Style Theory App. Wear new outfits all the time.