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About Chanel

There's no mistaking those interlocking Cs. Famed for the Little Black Dress, the tweed suit and the 2.55 flap bag, Chanel is undoubtedly the world's leading luxury brand. The French label was founded in 1910 by Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, who revolutionised fashion by producing timeless designs that redefined modern femininity.

Chanel is currently helmed by Virginie Viard, right-hand-woman of the late Karl Lagerfeld, who was Chanel's Creative Director for more than 30 years. It's no wonder she's been entrusted to create a new era for Chanel, while staying true to Lagerfeld's vision. She's also the first woman to lead the luxury house since Coco Chanel herself.

Belt bags and tiny bags are still all the rage, as well as new, colourful reiterations of Chanel's signature styles. Viard continues to introduce new elements to classic bags–like a mini hoop handle done on the classic quilt bag.

How to Authenticate Chanel Bags

Exterior Material - Chanel

Exterior Material (monogram, stitching)

Quilting on Chanel bags should be seamless, matching up perfectly between the exterior and the flap when closed, as well as between the exterior and the pocket on the back.

Exterior Hardware - Chanel

Exterior Hardware (studs, zippers, clasps)

The original Chanel Flap bag designed by Coco has a rectangular turn lock while the Classic flap bag has CC hardware. For CC hardware, examine the lock to make sure the right C passes over the left at the top and the left C passes over the right at the bottom. On the back of the lock, it should say Chanel on the left and Paris on the right, and attached with flathead screws.

Interior Lining - Chanel

Leather Tag & Serial Number

Brand name should be printed in foil, matching the colour of the hardware. Ensure it's centered and the letters are evenly spaced. The number on hologram tag inside should match the one on the authenticity card.

Chanel Bags Material

Leather UsedAbout LeatherHow to Care
Caviar LeatherA textured leather made from grained calfskin, it's a durable, scratch-resistant material that's great for everyday use.Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light and moisture. Store in dustbag when not in use.
Lambskin LeatherSoft and smooth to the touch, bags made from lambskin have a particularly luxurious appearance. They are treated as little as possible to preserve their natural suppleness. However, they are more susceptible to scratches and require extra care.To reduce the appearance of scratch marks on lambskin leather, rub in a circular motion with a soft, dry cloth. Store in dustbag when not in use.
Crinkled CalfskinMostly used for Reissue flaps, this leather has an aged, vintage look to it that's great if you want a bag that doesn't show scratches and blemishes easily.Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light and moisture. Store in dustbag when not in use.
Patent LeatherIt's one of the more uncommon materials used by Chanel, but you're sure to stand out from the crowd with a shiny, patent leather bag.Patent leather requires extra care as it is more susceptible to colour transfer and stains can't be removed. Store in dustbag when not in use.

Chanel Bags Price In Singapore

Rent what you like, buy what you love, all with Style Theory! See the estimated market prices versus our resale prices of Chanel bags below.


  • How much does a Chanel bag cost?

    The cost of a Chanel bag varies depending on model, it can vary based on the size as well. Chanel bags typically cost in the thousands in Singapore.

  • Why are Chanel bags so expensive?

    The craftsmanship and quality of the product is one reason why Chanel bags often come with a premium price tag. Not to mention, the demand for Chanel bags are different in different parts of the world - especially in Asia!

  • Where can I buy Chanel handbags?

    You can purchase directly from the Chanel boutiques or through reputable second-hand retailers such as Style Theory!

  • Are Chanel bags worth it?

    Chanel bags are considered to be classics and often seen as an investment! Even if you don't end up wearing it as often, the bag could appreciate over a period of years!

  • What is the most popular Chanel bag?

  • How can I tell the model of my Chanel bag?

    Do a bit of research online, or if you know the season your bag was launched, you can look up according to the collection or the year too.

  • What is the classic Chanel handbag?

    The Chanel Flap Bag is usually seen as the classic Chanel handbag, since it was created back in 1983 by Karl Lagerfeld.

  • Does Chanel bags ever go on sale?

    Chanel very rarely go on sale. It is not in the brand's custom to hold sales as well. However, we do have a great selection of Chanel bags available for purchase. See them on the app here.

  • Is Chanel more expensive than Louis Vuitton?

    The prices vary depending on model, but generally yes, they are! The brand history and craftsmanship are quite different if you compare the two.