How does bag subscription work?

Do I have to pay for cleaning or shipping?

No, your monthly subscription covers all cleaning and express 2-day delivery!

How do I swap my bag for my next selection?

It's really easy! When you're ready to to swap for your next bag, schedule a return on our app and we'll pick up your box. Once we receive your box, you'll be prompted to choose your next bag. You are entitled to one free swap a month!

How long can I rent the bag for?

You can rent the bag for a maximum of 3 months. A late fee of $5 per day will be chargeable for every day (inclusive of weekends and public holidays) beyond the three months up until the bag is received in our warehouse. This is to ensure equal access to the full range of our designer bag collection.

How do you ensure the bags are authentic?

Our team of authentication experts validates the authenticity of each bag through the highest industry standards and in-house authentication process. We do not accept fake or counterfeit merchandise.

You acknowledge and agree that Style Theory's authentication process is in-house and independent. Brands identified on the Site are not involved in the authentication of the products being sold, and none of the brands sold assumes any responsibility for any products purchased from or through the website. Brands sold on the Site are not partnered or affiliated with Style Theory in any manner. However, Style Theory fully cooperates with brands seeking to track down the source of counterfeit items, which includes revealing the contact information of consignors submitting counterfeit goods.

What condition are the bags in?

We only list items in conditions that we would happily buy and use for ourselves. We're fashion lovers too!

Why is there a waitlist? I want to join now!

A waitlist helps us to ensure that there is a wide assortment of bags for every subscriber we on-board to our service. We are currently working hard to build a product that you'll love so stay tuned for updates via your email inbox!

What happens if the bag gets lost or damaged?

The bag arrived with minor defects! Will I be charged when I return the bag?

Don't worry! All bags are photographed 360 degrees in high resolution and time stamped each time it is sent out and received back in the warehouse. We will know if a defect was not caused by you, so rent from us worry-free!

What happens if I accidentally damage the bag?

All damaged bags must be informed to us via our in-app chat and returned to us for our assessment.

Our team of experts will do their utmost best to repair all damages. In the event that the damage is more complicated and requires us to engage third-party services, we will have to recover the costs from you.

Should the damage be assessed to be beyond repair, we will have to charge for the bag based on it's market value.

What happens if I accidentally lose the bag?

In the event of loss, you must inform us via our in-app chat. We will require a copy of a police report and will have to charge based on its market value.

Can I buy bags from Style Theory?

I really like the bag I'm renting right now. Can I buy it?

Yes! If the bag you are currently renting is marked as "available for sale", you may purchase it directly from the app! As all sales are final we encourage you to only purchase bags that you are currently renting so that you can ensure that you are fully satisfied with its condition.

I have designer bags to consign or sell. Would you be interested?

On a selective basis, we accept bags on consignment. All bags are screened by our team of authentication experts to ensure that only genuine bags are accepted. For more details, please visit our consignment page here.