Style Theory Care

What is Style Theory Care?

We know how important it is for you to rent your dream designer bags without worry. Style Theory Care enables you to rent worry-free by guaranteeing that you never have to pay more than SGD 75 for repairs.

Careless with pen inks, scratch marks or food stains? We've got you covered!

Do note that irreparable damages and loss of bag arising from theft or misplacement is not covered.


How does Style Theory Care work?

Style Theory Care covers all bags delivered to you after you make payment.

In the event of damage, contact our customer service team via the in-app chat. They will notify and inform you of the cost of repair. We will also provide photographic evidence of the before and after of a bag complete with time stamp.

With Style Theory Care, in the event of:

  1. The cost of repair is equivalent or greater than SGD 75, you pay SGD 75

    1. Cost of repair: SGD 230

    2. You pay: SGD 75

    3. Style Theory Care covers: SGD 155

  2. The cost of repair is less than SGD 75, you pay the lesser amount.

    1. Cost of repair: SGD 40

    2. You pay: SGD 40

    In the event the bag you rented is severely damaged, lost or stolen, you will be responsible to pay the valuation price of the bag.

Care & clean

Why can't you fully cover the cost of damages?

Having a co-payment scheme helps keep the cost of Style Theory Care low and accessible to all. It also helps us to minimize the potential of abuse.

Care & shield

How do I add Style Theory Care to my plan?

  1. Click "Get Covered" button below

  2. Complete the payment flow

  3. Done! Your next bag will be covered under Style Theory Care!

Cancel & Care

How do I cancel Style Theory Care?

In the event you want to cancel Style Theory Care, simply log into your account and opt out of Style Theory Care before your next billing cycle.

Terms & Conditions

Style Theory Care ensures that you do not have to pay more than SGD 75 for repairs.

Style Theory Care protects you against cost of repairs and does not cover bags that are lost, stolen, or cannot be repaired. Style Theory consults with a panel of bag repair experts to determine what can or cannot be repaired, as well as the cost of repair. Repairs by contractors outside of the panel will not be covered or accepted under Style Theory Care.

Style Theory has the right to refuse or terminate Style Theory Care to any one in the event it suspects or has previous record of the user committing fraudulent behavior. In the event of termination by Style Theory, we will refund the payment on a pro-rated basis.

Style Theory Care will only apply on the bag you receive after you have paid for Style Theory Care. If you are holding onto a bag before payment is made, the bag will be covered under Style Theory Care.