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Givenchy Bags Price In Singapore

About Givenchy Bags

French fashion house Givenchy was founded by designer Hubert de Givenchy in 1952. His vision was clear from the beginning, which was to give women in the postwar era more options by designing “separates”—couture tops and bottoms that could be mixed and matched at will, an innovative idea at that time. He met actress Audrey Hepburn in 1953, who became his muse and long-time friend, and dressed her for the next four decades. This included the iconic little black dress Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's. In the '70s, he launched a menswear line, and became one of the first designers to put his brand on more than just clothing. There was Givenchy silverware, china, even hotel draperies. The brand became a part of the LVMH group in 1988, and Givenchy retired in 1995. After that, Givenchy was a launchpad for young luminary designers like John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and eventually Ricardo Tisci, who held the position for 12 years. After Tisci's departure in 2017, British designer Clare Waight Keller became the first woman to helm the house.

You might know Waight Keller as the designer of the dress worn by Duchess of Susex Meghan Markle for her wedding to Prince Harry. Previously the artistic director at Chloé, Waight Keller has made her mark at Givenchy. One of the first things she did was to bring back haute couture. Following Monsieur Givenchy's philosophy of designing from the shoulders, she presented her first collection for Spring 2018 as a co-ed show, and there were sharp, strong shoulders aplenty. She brings a new vision to the house–modern and traditional, bold and wearable, elite and accessible, strong and feminine.

Waight Keller has a talent for creating hit accessories, thanks to her time at Chloé. She introduced a new bag, the GV3, a 1970s style crossbody with a chunky brass chain and vintage-style clasp. Its name comes from the initials of the house's landmark address on 3 Avenue George V in Paris. Many of Givenchy's notable classics were designed by Tisci, such as the Antigona, Nightingale, Horizon and Pandora.

How to Authenticate Givenchy Bag

Exterior Material - Givenchy

Exterior Material (monogram, stitching)

Many of Givenchy bags, like the Antigona, are structured.The quality of the leather should be solid and bag should not lose its shape. Authentic leather should appear supple rather than plastic-like. The Givenchy logo should be balanced, equally spaced and cleanly finished without any adhesive marks or rough edges around it. For bag handles, the seams should be clean, straight and in the same color as the handles. The leather of the handles is also always in the same color as the rest of the bag.

Exterior Hardware - Givenchy

Exterior Hardware (studs, zippers, clasps)

Previously, Givenchy bags used zippers made by Raccagni, but since about 2015, the brand has started using zippers branded with their own logo. More precisely, it has “Givenchy” and “Paris” in a smaller font underneath.

Interior Lining - Givenchy

Interior Lining

They are lined with solid cotton twill and should match the color of the leather on other interior details like the label and zipper pocket. While not attached to the interior with adhesive, the lining is well-constructed to fit perfectly inside the bag. It should not be loose or bunchy, and should have one center seam across the bottom.

Leather Tag Serial Number - Givenchy

Leather Tag & Serial Number

The code format of Givenchy's serial numbers follows LVMH standards. It consists of 6 characters – the first 2 mark the location of the production. The 4 following numbers stand for the period – the first and third digits represent the week in which the bag was made and the second and fourth digits are for the year. An example of a legitimate serial number is “3C1122” – “3C” is the workshop location, while the four figures are for the twelfth week of 2012.


Leather UsedAbout LeatherHow to Care
Calfskin LeatherCalfskin leather is the go-to option for many due to its price, appearance, and functionality. Its soft and smooth texture won’t get rough with time, and it's quite durable, though it can still be susceptible to scratches.Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial light and moisture. Store in dustbag when not in use.
Goatskin LeatherGoatskin has a naturally pebbled texture, and is surprisingly lightweight. It's quite durable, flexible, and also relatively water-resistant, which makes it suitable for everyday bags.Avoid keeping your bag in wet and humid conditions. If your bag does get wet, leave it out to dry naturally, away from strong heat sources. The best way to clean the leather is to wipe it with a soft damp cloth, then leave to dry naturally. Store in dustbag when not in use.
Lambskin LeatherSoft and smooth to the touch, bags made from lambskin have a particularly luxurious appearance. They are treated as little as possible to preserve their natural suppleness. However, they are more susceptible to scratches and require extra care.To reduce the appearance of scratch marks on lambskin leather, rub in a circular motion with a soft, dry cloth. Store in dustbag when not in use.
Patent LeatherGivenchy has iterations of the Pandora and Antigona bags that are made using patent leather. Its smooth, glossy exterior makes the bags eye-catching statement pieces that can add an extra 'oomph' to your look.Patent leather requires extra care as it is more susceptible to colour transfer and stains can't be removed. Store in dustbag when not in use.


  • How much does a Givenchy bag cost?

    The cost of a Givenchy bag varies depending on model, it can vary based on the size as well. Givenchy bags typically cost in the thousands in Singapore.

  • How much is the Givenchy Antigona bag?

    This would depend on material and size. Small Antigona in grained calfskin or goatskin leather usually cost about S$3,000.

  • How do I authenticate Givenchy bags?

    Do some research online on the style you own, and check for any inconsistent or sloppy workmanship. To prevent accidentally owning a counterfeit, purchase only from reputable and trusted retailers or from Givenchy boutiques directly.

  • Is Givenchy Antigona a classic?

    Yes, first launched in 2011, the Antigona bag has become one of Givenchy's most popular style.