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About Goyard Bags

While the name Goyard may not share the same instant recognition as its other luxury counterparts, the French brand is still highly regarded as a symbol of timeless elegance, craftsmanship and exclusivity. The brand doesn't display its products online, doesn't do advertisements or celebrity endorsements, and rarely gives interviews. Goyard has a long, distinguised history that dates back to 1792, when Pierre-François Martin founded the "House of Martin", specializing in box-making, trunk-making and packing for the French aristocracy. The business was later passed down to an employee named Louis-Heri Morel, and then to an apprentice, François Goyard, who trained under both Martin and Morel, after Morel's death in 1852. He opened state-of-the-art workshops, as he believed having complete control over manufacturing processes was key to achieving excellence. His son, Edmond Goyard, later took over, and laid the foundation for the brand as we know it today. He created the first Goyard advertisements, expanded their stores and created the signature Goyardine canvas.

In 1998, Goyard was bought over by Jean-Michel Signoles, who was an avid collector and connoisseur of all things Goyard. With the help of his sons, he opened new workshops that preserved the artisanal heritage of the brand. Without the backing of a leading group, and with complete disregard for marketing or mass-production, the Signoles family revived Goyard’s heritage and skills, and opened new boutiques across Europe, America and Asia. Within a decade, they restored Goyard to its original glory. Signoles still holds the position of CEO today.

Unlike most other luxury brands, Goyard products do not change from season to season. The house offers four distinct product lines: travel goods, bags and accessories, special orders and pet accessories. Goyard's most sought-after handbag is the St. Louis tote, which is simple, lightweight and spacious. Their luggages and bags have been spotted on celebrities and members of royalty alike, including the Duchess of Susex, Meghan Markle.

How to Authenticate Goyard Bag

Exterior Material - Goyard

Exterior Material (monogram, stitching)

When inspecting a Goyard bag, you should see the grain of the canvas through the painted details and see the high gloss of the base layer of the canvas. This should contrast with the matte finish of the painted detailing. It should contain some micro-irregularities due to its artisanal nature. It should not look flat and too perfect, as this could indicate digital reproduction. A Goyard bag will never have plastic-covered handles or have leather tags on the handle either.

Exterior Hardware - Goyard

Exterior Hardware (studs, zippers, clasps)

Goyard tends to have discreet and minimal hardware, including zipper pulls without bold logos, but only with a ‘G’. Sometimes, Goyard is stamped on the back of some hardware pieces.

Interior Lining - Goyard

Interior Lining

Most linings are trimmed with a jacquard webbing with an all caps Goyard logo on the inside. Look for well-constructed and precise stitching.

Leather Tag Serial Number - Goyard

Leather Tag & Serial Number

On older St. Louis totes, you can find the serial number on the inside of the included pouch. The newer Goyard styles have the serial numbers embossed where the leather strap ends. This strap also connects the pouch to the tote.

Goyard Bags Material

Leather UsedAbout LeatherHow to Care
Coated CanvasThis is Louis Vuitton's most popular material as it is used to make the LV monogram, damier and azur prints. It consists of cotton canvas coated with a layer of PVC.It's durable and waterproof, making it an easy material to maintain and care for.
EmpreinteCreated in 2010, this embossed calfskin leather comes in a variety of colours. It's luxurious, understated and soft to touch.It's slightly susceptible to surface wear, especially at the edges, but generally easy to care for. Store in dustbag when not in use.
VernisCalfskin leather gets a new look with this high-shine finish that was introduced by Marc Jacobs in 1998. It's definitely one of Louis Vuitton's most eye-catching materials.It's more susceptible to colour transfer and stains can't be removed, so extra care is required. Store in dustbag when not in use.
EpiThis sturdy, textured leather is first tanned with plant extracts and then deep-dyed. After this process, a special colouration on the surface of the grain is applied, which creates its distinctive coloured two-tone effect. The horizontal embossed lines are what make Epi so recognisable.Keep away from abrasive surfaces and it's susceptible to scratches. Store in dustbag when not in use.

Goyard Bags Price In Singapore

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  • Is Goyard worth the money?

    Some of Goyard's more popular styles like the St. Louis Tote are timeless and therefore worth the money if you're looking for an investment piece.

  • How much is a Goyard bag?

    The cost of a Goyard bag varies depending on model

  • Are Goyard bags still popular?

    Yes, although not as spoken-about as Louis Vuitton or Hermes, Goyard is one of the most reclusive and understated luxury brands in the market and has successfully drawn in customers who have a taste for exclusivity.

  • Why are Goyard bags so expensive?

    The craftsmanship and quality of the product is one reason why Goyard bags often come with a premium price tag.