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  • How do you fix a discolored leather bag?

    To restore colour to an area of your bag as part of our Refresh and Renew packages, our experts hand-mix a custom blend of water-based leather paint that is airbrushed and blended seamlessly to the surrounding areas to conceal surface blemishes, and then sealed with a layer of coating.

  • How do you make old leather bags look new?

    Old leather bags tend to show signs of oxidation and discolouration over time. To restore colour to a small area of your bag under our Refresh package, our experts hand-mix a custom blend of water-based acrylic paint that is airbrushed and blended seamlessly to the surrounding areas to conceal surface blemishes and then sealed with a layer of coating. For a full colour makeover, we suggest our Renew package to transform your bag and have it look like new again. Under this package, we would extend the recolouring to the whole bag instead of just a small area.

  • What is the best leather colour restorer?

    We pride ourselves in using only the best quality products to prevent drying or stiffening of the leather and customising each colour to provide an exact shade match. Though this is time-consuming and requires great care and skill, we believe the results speak for themselves and are well worth the wait! For colour touch-ups under our Refresh package, we ensure that any discolouration or stains are fully covered up and blend in seamlessly with the surrounding areas. For recolouring under our Renew package, we match the original shade or match it to a shade of your choice (preferably darker than the original colour) for a full colour transformation.

  • Do charcoal bags really work for mold?

    There are several factors contributing to the growth of mold including warm temperatures, poor ventilation and high humidity. While charcoal bags do assist with humidity, we strongly recommend that the bag, anything stored inside it, as well as its surroundings, be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after mold is observed. All our service packages include deep cleaning but do let us know if you are faced with a mold issue so we can pay special attention to it! After cleaning, the bag should also be stored in a cool area and brought out to use or air once a month. As charcoal bags absorb moisture, this may cause the leather to dry out so do pay attention to the leather condition and moisturise or restrict the length of time the charcoal bags are kept in the bag where needed.

  • How much does it cost to repair a Coach bag?

    Our service packages start from $99 for all bags depending on the repair required and are priced the same regardless of brand and size.

  • How do you fix the edges on a purse?

    Edge restoration is available in our Redefine and Renew packages, or as an add-on to our Refresh and Revive packages. Edge coating is a type of waxy finishing that protects the edges of the underlying leather. To protect the underlying leather, our experts carefully buff away cracked or compromised edge coating, and meticulously hand-paint layers of edge paint for a smooth new coating that's both beautiful and long-lasting.

  • What can a Bag Spa do?

    A bag spa specialises in the professional cleaning, repair and restoration of bags and other leather goods. Whether it's a regular cleaning, an emergency servicing or a complete colour transformation, Style Theory's bag spa can extend the life and enjoyment of your item.

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Raindrops or accidental spills leave your soft leather bag with obvious stains. Watch how we protect this Saint Laurent Bag with our water-repelling treatment.



Dark, damp, and tight storage spaces are perfect conditions for mould to fester. Singapore's tropical climate and high humidity don't help either.

Moldy leather should be cleaned as soon as possible. If left untreated, it develops a pungent odour and mold spores spread to your other bags.

Watch how we restore mouldy bags like this Celine Designer Bag.

Designer Bag Cleaning Service In Singapore

Breathe life into your favourite designer handbags, wallets and leather goods with Style Theory’s bag cleaning, repair, and restoration service in Singapore. We have the best bag cleaning facilities, restoring your bags and leather goods so they look as good as new. With experience in Louis Vuitton, Chanel, YSL, Gucci, Hermes luxury bags and more, you can be assured of the best treatment when you refurbish bags with us.

Designer Bag Spa & Customized Bag Restoration Services

Get a thorough designer bag treatment that includes cleaning, recolouring, edging, spot treatment for stains and colour touch-up, or protection for your favourite bags. If you are looking for a Gucci bag cleaning service to sanitize and remove bacteria, all our packages include cleaning to ensure your Gucci bag is well cleansed and cared for. Perhaps you are in need of a Prada bag repair service to have the stains removed, or fix discolouration on Saffiano leather or looking for a leather restorer? Our Prada bag customers rely on us to refurbish their small designer purses or handbags. Want to restore the edges or repair the straps? Send us photos so we can assist you further. Our Chanel bag restoration services in Singapore are sought-after. We use the best materials so your Chanel bag looks authentic after restoration. If you are looking to restore or change the colour, the Chanel recolouring service under our Renew package is what you need. Check our service packages to know more.

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