Your Questions Answered


  • How does it work?

    Step 1: Fill up our form with details of your designer bag, and we’ll arrange for a doorstep pick-up.

    Step 2: We'll pick up your bag on your requested date. After assessing your bag in our studio, we'll email you the final quote within 2-3 business days, along with an e-invoice for payment.

    Step 3: Once payment has been confirmed, our team of experts will begin servicing your bag with updates along the way.

    Step 4: After your bag has been restored, we'll arrange for your bags to be returned at no additional cost, along with before and after photos!

  • What is the estimated timeline for each Service Package?

    Refresh/Revive: 2-4 weeks
    Refresh/Revive (with Edge Restoration): 3-6 weeks
    Redefine: 2-4 weeks
    Renew: 4-8 weeks
    *This service period begins once payment has been confirmed.

  • What happens after my bags have been picked up?

    Once your bag arrives at our studio, they will be carefully assessed by our experts.

    For bags we are able to service, we will email you the quote 2-3 business days after the pickup along with an e-invoice for payment of the service fee. After the payment has been confirmed, we will begin the servicing for your bag.

    Once your bag has been restored, we will send you photos of the completed service, and arrange for them to be returned to you at no additional cost!

  • What happens if my bag is not accepted for restoration?

    Before a pick-up: We will assess your bag based on the photos uploaded and the service package you have chosen. If we are unable to assist you with your chosen package, we will inform you via email, refund the concierge fee, and cancel the pick-up.

    After a pick-up: We will assess the bag in our studio and email you a quote 2-3 business days after the pick-up. If we are unable to restore your bag, we will reach out via email to refund the concierge fee and arrange for a return of your bag at no cost to you!


  • What is the Concierge Fee?

    A $20 concierge fee is applied when you schedule for your doorstep pick-up. This includes both a door-to-door pick-up and return of your bag, and will go towards the final payment, should you decide to proceed with the service.

    If we are unable to service your bag after assessing it at our studio, this concierge fee will be refunded to you in full and your bags will be returned at no charge!

  • How long does it take for me to receive the final quote?

    Look out for an email 2-3 business days after your bag is picked up by our team!

  • Which payment methods are accepted?

    We accept payments from all major debit and credit cards.


  • What are the delivery and return methods?

    We provide doorstep pick-ups and returns, which are included in the concierge fee.

    Our delivery drivers can be identified by our Style Theory uniform and lanyard, and will pass you a collection receipt in exchange for your bag.

  • Can I drop my bags off?

    Our drop-off or self-collection locations are closed at the moment.

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